Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name "Virtuoso"?
"Virtuoso" is a word for a musician that is exceptionally gifted on a technical level.  The tools for modern game development are very powerful but they force you into adapting your workflow and project around the tools, rather than the other way around. We set out to build something more suited to our needs, that would allow us to drop powerful functionality into arbitrary products and workflow, both in-house and in our customer's projects.

The conceit of the name was therefore that that Virtuoso should be an engine and a company that can "play anything." 

We have the experience, software, and know how to come up with solutions to the diverse problems of many real-world applications outside of a single content creation platform.

What services do you provide? 

We specialize in 3D computer graphics, game development, mobile application development, and Virtual Reality.  

We provide support and integration of software technology, whether it's an open source Virtuoso component, third party software, or proprietary / custom technology.  

We provide software development services for your application or game, including development of custom shaders, algorithms, or software components. 

We also offer technical direction, consulting, performance analysis and optimization, and other services.  We know from experience that every shipping product has unique and specialized needs.  If you want to discuss yours, contact us!